The Quirks Of California

For those who are thinking about making a big move to California, one must be cognizant about the quirks of the area. One major quirk of California is the fact that earthquakes are frequently experienced. A lot of seismic activity occurs in California—especially on the West Coast—because of the fact that the Ring of Fire strings along the West Coast of America, as well as the rest of North and South America. California has experienced some pretty big earthquakes in the past, and people keep saying that they are due for “the big one.” The San Andreas Fault is an area of concern. However, the Cascadia Subduction Zone is another cause of concern for people who live in the northwestern part of California, as well as those who live in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon.

Another issue to think about is the fact that mudslides often occur in parts of California. During the past couple of years, mudslides have especially been brutal due to the seriousness of wildfires that have persisted. “What do mudslides have to do with wildfires?” one may ask. Well, the roots of plants and trees keep the soil together and give it structure. Wildfires destroy trees and plants. As a result, places that have experienced major wildfires do not have roots supporting their soils. So, when it rains, the soil easily becomes a flow of mud because it is not held together by anything.

California is also prone to fires. The hotter and drier a season has been, the more likely fires are to start and rage. Wildfires naturally happen in California, and can be seen as nature cleansing itself and starting, building itself up and starting all over again—despite the fact that they are dangerous. However, most fires are started by the presence of people and their carelessness. On top of it, more people are moving to areas that are high-risk for wildfires. The next time you look into homes for sale Manhattan Beach CA, you should consider the risk of wildfires and how close wildfires would be to you. It is worth doing research to find out whether you are thinking of moving to an area with a fire risk.

The homelessness problem is huge in California. There are other places, like New York City, that have a lot of homeless. However, California is the poster child for homelessness. In some places, tents line the streets for blocks, and they are right out in the open. One can say that perhaps the problem is just as bad in New York City, though it is not as out in the open as it is in California. Even if a lot of people in New York are in shelters, shelters can be very tough and disparate places to live in. Also, homelessness is quite evident in other places, though perhaps people aren’t as vocal about it or it isn’t as obvious. Perhaps it is even expected in some places more than others.