How to Sell Your House Now

You have decided to sell your house. It is best to be aggressive when selling. It is already stressful enough to sell a home. If you are living in the home that makes it more of a challenge. Your home must be presentable at all times. If there are children or pets present, this makes it more stressful. This does not make it impossible, just adds more stress. Time is also an enemy because you want to list your home and have interest within the first few weeks. A stale market is sluggish movement and this is a bad formula for selling a home. Let’s prepare now in order to successfully sell your home.


Your home may be cluttered so it is best to place some items in storage. It is a bad idea to put everything in to the closets. Potential home buyers will open your closets because they are fully assessing their new potential home. They are going to want to know more about storage spacing. A storage unit is the best option for decluttering. The general rule is to get rid of a third of what you own.

Stage It!

Staging your home requires a professional. The stager will look at your home from a different view. The home stager will highlight your house with its strengths first. This will require some investment on your part. If this is not in your budget, then ask a friend to be honest about viewing your home with fresh eyes from the perspective of a buyer to where you can say sell my house miami fl

The Right Real Estate Agent

A track record of how quickly sales have been made needs to be the priority in hiring a real estate agent. Can the agent walk in to your home and tell you what buyers are looking for? The real estate agent should also have an online presence where they promote properties they are responsible for.


No need for major remodels, but you could stand to make some small upgrades. Light fixtures, a new sink or even shower curtains could make a big difference. These types of small changes are inexpensive. A full kitchen remodel could run $30,000 or more, but simply getting new and matching appliances could cost as little as $3,000. This could have a great impact on viewers.

Bright Up the House

Let the natural light in. Brighten up the spaces and open the curtains. If that is not possible use artificial light. When you are going to have a showing turn the lights on. A deep cleaning also helps to brighten everything from the light fixtures to the baseboards and windows.

Curb Appeal

Pulling up to your home is what potential buyers will see. How do they feel when they pull up to your home? Is there a welcoming garden or landscaping? If it does not look good people will not want to bother to see the inside. Edge the lawn, trim the hedges, and place some color among the plants. What about pressure washing the walkways, driveway or even the house? Each detail matters down to the doorknob.

Times to Sell

There are specific times to sell your home. This may give you more time to get your home up to par in order to sell quickly. If you can wait until summer and spring to sell you will have more potential buyers.